How to (better) manage PST email files

email PST backup for small business

With new legal disclosure laws, and the need to cross reference past emails, people are hanging on to emails and have almost stopped deleting. Email stores in Outlook are commonly quite large and we are seeing more email disasters as a direct result. Good reliable backup for Outlook is available for Exchange connected systems, but not standalone computers. Backing up the PST (email database) is a duplication of the shell store, if the shell is damaged the backup is risky.

Mailstore Server edition is an excellent product from Germany. It is a great solution for individuals, small offices and home offices etc because it backs up Outlook emails as a seperate database, indpendant of the PST shell. It is also searchable outside of outlook itself.

While the Mailstore Server edition can be used for non Exchange situations there is a minimum purchase of 5 user licences which do not come cheap. The Mailstore Home edition offers the same backup facility, reliability, and is completly free (not a trial, it’s free).

Mailstore email archiving interface

The Mailstore free edition (Home edition) requires manual backup. We find if it’s manual it doesn’t get done. As time goes by users forget it is there.

However, we have created a neat way to automate the process for you. We can even save the backup into your own free 25GB of personal cloud storage so your emails will always be safe and accessible.

On your next service call ask us to implement mail archiving on your computers running Microsoft outlook at a specific time each day, and avoid email disasters.