New backup & storage solution from Vantec

Vantec external backup solutions

Storing your valuable data, videos and pictures on high quality NAS (network attached storage) devices is expensive and may be overkill for some home or small office situations. One of the problems with external USB powered backup drives is that they are simply not designed to be running 24/7. The plastic enclosures often have no ventilation, no fans, and the hard drive inside the unit is prone to overheating.

One solution to all these woes is the new Vantec HX series external USB 3.0 powered enclosure. The hard aluminium shell draws heat away, while an active 80mm overhead fan exhausts hot air out from the case. Ventilation slots draw cool air in the bottom of the unit.



We’ve been testing this device out in our recovery lab, transferring large amounts of data to the new Western Digital RED 2TB SATA-III NAS drives. These new WD drives are designed for reliability.  WD RED disk have WD’s NASware RAID management as well as firmware and hardware improvements that make them ideally suited to work in small, 1-5 bay enclosures. They are rated for operating temperatures up to 70 degrees C (instead of 60) because the drives will operate in hot, multi-drive environments. Together with the Vantec HX bay we now have heat management, reliability, and fast USB 3.0 transfer speeds.

If you are a located in Perth Western Australia contact us for installation and setup costs.