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Deepcool laptop cooler

We see a lot of laptops with heat issues which is a bit like having high blood pressure and not being aware of it. Hard drives that are overheating are one of the leading causes of data loss when the drive suddenly fails. You can check the temperature of your hard disk and keep a check on it by downloading this free tool from Active HDD Monitor, then going to options and tick the box to load when Windows starts,  to monitor the temp of your drive.

We have bought in a big box of DeepCool laptop coolers suitable for 15.4″ laptops. This model retails at $29 but yours free with every onsite service call for our Perth customers, until the box is empty. Please let us know if you want this item when calling! No backorders. Offer expires when the box is empty.

  • compatible with up to 15.4″ laptops
  • large 120mm ?hydro-bearing quiet fan with for optimum cooling
  • wide area aluminium mesh for distributed airflow
  • anti-slip design for laptop safety

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