What to do when you have a lock screen or ransomware

fake lock screen

example of fake lockscreen

Tech support scams and ransomware lockout screens can be delivered by fake emails (phishing emails), hijacked ads on display networks, downloads of programs with names like free antivirus, speed up my computer, and so on. Ransomware can encrypt your files with 128bit encryption.

Any files and folders that are encrypted are gone, at least until computer science find a way to decrypt any time soon. This is not likely because the malware uses standard encryption methods.

If you have the lock screen in place furious clicking to try to remove it will be in vain and make matters worse.

fake Windows screen ransomware

fake Windows alert screen

If you are in our local area in northern beaches of Perth bring your PC or laptop in to us.

  1. remove any ethernet (the blue network cable) cable to disconnect from the internet
  2. do a hard shutdown by holding the start button down fully for several seconds or until the machine shuts down completely.
  3. bring your machine in to our Duncraig workshop
  4. if you are located elsewhere in Australia we can log in remotely to disable the lockscreen and remove the infection.

Every attempt you make to remove the lock screen or scan for the bug will further embed the virus. This particular malware type is also able to install stealth keyloggers to search for passwords, identity and financial information. It can hide in your system and relaunch at a later date if not removed now.

Call us for a remote support session or call to bring your machine in.