Free website and hosting for a year from MYOB and Google

You may already know that MYOB bought out the popular Smartyhost website hosting platform in 2008.  The offer posted at gettingbusinessonline for a free website and hosting for a year is a MYOB and Google initiative to help small business get their business online with no upfront costs, and low ongoing costs after the first year.

Your new website will have the look and feel of a template design, but the fairly basic starting presentation can be customized. Google is offering a $75 Adwords starter package (which is available elsewhere as well) along with tips and advice for small business.

Your site will be automatically added to Google’s index so you will need to put some planning into your SEO (search engine optimization). See the SEO how-to post here.

This is a good offer if you are looking for an entry level website, a domain name, and a reliable host partner.