How to backup and archive emails from multiple email clients

One of the problems we see commonly in Outlook and other email clients with no quotas applied, is a reluctance to delete anything. I know, I do it, or rather don’t do it myself. I shudder when I see the size of my deleted items folder in Outlook but something in me resists hitting the permanently delete button.

IT admins are always looking for ways to avoid using PST because a large PST can become corrupted with the potential for all data inside the store to be lost. Backing up your PST or exporting the PST to a backup has inherent risks. A better solution would be to archive /backup emails independant of the personal store in Outlook.

Itís also common to have multiple email accounts at work or on the home PC, such as gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird. Now you can backup and archive your emails from these multiple accounts from one centralized program. You can also use MailStore for importing purposes from other email clients.

The MailStore backup/archive becomes a searchable database to quickly and easily locate emails based a range of search criteria.

Where do I get such as a useful program and how much is it? Head on over the MailStore where you can grab a copy free.