How to buy best value business laptops in 2013


 The number of laptops on the market now makes it harder than ever to choose one that’s right for you and your small business or mobile computing needs.

Let’s try and simplify this.

There are three types of laptop categories. Within those categories are price and specifications. Price will often determine the specifications, and thus the performance you can expect.

The three categories are:

desktop replacement laptops. Popular with engineers and CAD workers for example, they are not light or easy to carry around but are powerful with a large screen.

mobile laptops for business range from 13.3″ to 15.6″ as standard sizes. The 15.6 is popular for people who spend a lot of time at a desk with 25% mobile computing. This category of laptop is popular with small business and professionals.

ultrabooks are fashionable, light and thin. Many do not come with a DVD draw as the DVD era draws to a close, and they tend to be more expensive – offering less for more dollars. Some people do not like the often flimsy feeling of Ultrabooks.

What about specifications?

Intel’s latest stepping in processors is the 3rd generation (Ivy Bridge). This is nano-technology which has more performance than 2nd generation, but particularly in the graphics department. In most cases there is no need to seek out specs with independant graphics processing, chances are you will find all the graphics grunt you need on the die.

Intel’s processor family is the Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. Core i3 is the slowest of the group and may be suitable for light email and internet users, like your grandma. Core i7 is the top stepping but i7 is not increased performance out of the box, it’s there when you need acceleration. Core i5 is best all round for performance for everyday users in business.

There are also incremental steppings for each of these processor families. The 3210M Core i5 is good model.

What about warranty support:

There is a consumer laptop and a business laptop. The latter is traditionally sold by the business IT channel. Many small business folks and professionals now make buying decisions which includes the type of warranty the laptop comes with.

If you buy consumer class you may need to mail it back to the support center and or take it back to the department store and wait for it to be returned. You can see why onsite warranty or even courier pickup and return warranty is more attractive.

Business laptops also tend to offer greater battery life, from approximately 6 hrs through 8.5 hours, and as they are built to run all day are built using superior materials. We see business class laptops that are 4 – 5+ years old come in for repairs, seldom seen in consumer class. The support cycle for business class usually outlives consumer class so that business laptops can adapt to new technology, operating systems and drivers. Consumer class laptops are not consistent over the production cycle, making it difficult to source the replacement parts.

The models and prices change so often we can’t print them here, but send us an email and ask for the current best value business laptops for 2013 and we will send it to you. For Perth business we offer free delivery to most metro areas with workshop or onsite technical services.

Shown above, the new HP Probook, sturdy metal construction, Intel Core i5 processing power – $1149 inc gst for Perth metro delivery.