Managing website passwords with your fingerprint

My favourites links keeps growing with every new must-have-in-my-favourites websites folder in Internet Explorer. Password rules vary from one site to another. There’s no standardising and some webmasters love dreaming up new ways to complicate my life and ensure I can never have a standard across the board all purpose catch-all password.

So then I found Roboform and have been pretty content with this program and never have to reach for that index notebook with passwords anymore. Eikon have gone one better to take the password manager out of the browser in the form of a USB stick with a fingerprint reader.

fingerprint reader

EIKON-To-Go Portable Digital Privacy Manager is made for notebook users. It uses your fingerprint to authenticate Windows logon, launch your favourite software applications by swiping a particular finger, password bank feature to remember all your online usernames and passwords on the web, simplify Vista UAC tasks, and switch user accounts easily and securely. Includes fingerprint reader and Protector Suite QL software.

Cost $66 RRP.