New generation wifi from Netgear promises 3X speed and whole of home coverage.

When N-technology arrived a few years ago it was great. Wireless speed improved, there were less bottlenecks, in the 2.4GHz range the wifi signal extended further than 802.11G standards.

Today, technology demands more of routing and wireless technology to stream HD vision and audio, movies and apps on our ipads, DLNA devices like TV’s, and N-technology doesn’t quite get there, especially in homes where multiple people on ipads, appleTV, laptops and smartphones are all online at the same time, chewing into available bandwidth and speed.

The new 802.11AC wireless routing technology has arrived and changes everything, with vastly improved speed, wider area coverage, improved reliability (yes! less dropouts), and the ability to transfer data at gigabit speed, previosuly only available on high speed gigabit enabled devices.

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