R.I.P Windows XP



Windows XP retires on April 8 2014. We seen this scenario before with Windows 98, and again with Windows 2000 so we know what to expect – bugs, virus exploits, spyware, malicious-ware, rogue programs seeking to extort money, address book hijacks, data loss.

If you use a program that is no longer updated and will only run on XP then you can run this in Windows 7 with various options and tools, such as a virtual machine. If you have customer data or have privacy concerns the advice is generally to update as soon as possible.

How will banks see your unsupported system?

We already know that banks insist that antivirus be installed on your system and this can be crucial if your card is hijacked or bank passwords stolen by keyloggers or spyware. Banks often will not allow you to access online banking in an insecure system. Be forewarned that banks will quickly view XP as an insecure and unprotected operating system.

How do you update? If you do not want to go with Windows 8 or have an older machine you can find a copy of Windows 7 and manage the upgrade yourself. To make sure you take the least problematic path we are offering local clients a Windows 7 upgrade and data /email migration that can save you days of downtime. Our service usually takes just a couple of hours and you can get back to work or play.

You can also bring your XP PC to us in Duncraig for less than the cost of onsite tech support.