The new Intel NUC – what’s in it for me?

buy Intel NUC in Perth WA

The new ultra small form factor NUC (Next Unit of Computing) has hit the market here in Oz. There is a red top box and a black box. The latter is for PC users and small office settings, the former is a media center PC. We are looking at the DC3217IYE or black model for simple home and small office use. Both models come as “bare bones” and need RAM, hard drive, and optional wifi card installed.

We installed Windows 8 on our test model, ran our own benchmark and networktesting with the outcome as we expected from what is essentially an ultrabook in a desktop form factor. With the new Intel Ivy Bridge processor pushing the boundaries we were happy enough with the performance for what we wanted to do.

The Intel NUC is not going to be a small form factor alternative for everyones’ PC but for those who use a computer to check and respond to emails, browse the web, and store the family photos – in a small office or home setting,this is a great way to save on space and at a lowercostthan a tower or ultrabook. Vesa interface allows you to attach the NUC to the rear of Vesa enabled monitors, most are these days.

The Intel NUC comes as a bare bones kit. We have added tested4GB CorsairRAM memory, and the Intel 310 Series 80GB SSD (solid state drive) which gives this platform a big performance boost. With Window 8 Pro this all comes in at $867 inc gst at time of writing. Please confirm pricing before ordering.

We provide full tech support for data transfer, install and setup onsite, plus each unit is setup with up to 25GB of cloud storage free.