The solution to ipad wifi Dropouts

The internet is awash with forum questions about ipad wifi dropouts. Actually, it’s more like a tidal wave. Since the 4.3 ios update the issue has become more common. We had this problem to, complicated further by the distance from the front office to rear of building in the home with a couple of solid brick walls in between requiring a wifi extender and this seemed to make the problem worse.

The ipads and ipods connecting into this onsite wireless network just kept dropping out, even in close proximity to the router. Users needed to “forget this network” and rejoin. Even refreshing the DHCP didn’t help. The problem we discovered was a type of congestion and compatibility issue within the 2.4GHz range. In this situation we were able to resolve this by dividing the network into 2.4 and 5GHz. Problem there is the 5GHz has high speed coverage but poor depth of field. We resolved this by deploying a wireless access point (not an extender) at a midway point.

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