Windows XP end of life


In April 2014 Windows XP will retire. It’s been a good and popular OS and for many it will be a case of drag me through the coals to a new Windows operating system. But this is something that has to be done and our long experience with moving customers from Win XP to Windows 7 is that it is painless and beneficial.

If you prefer progressing to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 for your small business you would be advised not to leave it until the last minute to ensure there are still plenty of stocks around for Win7. As usual we do not recommend buying an upgrade disk, but a full system disk.

For Perth, Western Australia customers bring your laptop or PC for our special installation and migration package from XP to Win7 for around the cost of a retail edition of Windows 7. We will transfer all user data to the new installation and the cost includes your copy of Windows 7 on a disk.

Some conditions apply. Call us on 0400 241 756 to book your PC or laptop in. Cost includes an analysis for compatibility issues.