Adding images to the Windows 7 Desktop Background Slide Show

The Windows 7 desktop background slide show is available through the Personalize menu (right click desktop – personalize) and is available for a geographic region. In Australia you will find only the Australian slide show background. There are others for various regions including USA and South Africa.

It is possible to add images to your regions folder and extend the slide show, even add your own holiday photos to the regional folder or create a new folder.

To access the folders and add your images:

  1. Choose start >R
  2. In the run box type “C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT” without the quotes
  3. Choose your destination folder
  4. Prepare your images in a photo editing program to be 1920X1200 with a DPI of 96 if possible.
  5. Remember when taking pictures to set your camera’s resolution for the optimum screen resolution.

You can also type “change desktop background” in the Windows 7 search box and browse for the photos you want to use. I find method above a lot easier to use.