How to enable quick access to your favourite folder

Add a favourite folder to the taskbar in Windows 7

 One of the tings I loved about those very early Unix systems was how everything was just a click away on the desktop. Today storage is so much bigger so we have to navigate to an often used folder, all the worse if it’s a nested folder. You could make a shortcut and place that on the desktop but if your desktop is anything like mine, cluttered with stuff, you can spend just as long trying to locate it.

A neat alternative in Windows 7 is to pin the folder to the taskbar. We know that we can pin a program or app to the taskbar but there doesn’t seem to be a pin to taskbar menu on a folder. We need to create a toolbar for that folder. Here’s how.

  1. right click a blank area of the taskbar and unlock it
  2. select toolbars >new toolbar
  3. navigate to your often used folder and choose select folder
  4. your folder will now appear as a permanent link on the taskbar