Fast boot times on Windows 8


With Windows 8 on the not so distant horizon we are starting to see trickles of information about this much anticipated operating system with an emphasis on delivering what users want, in the tradition of Windows 7.

One of these features is improvements to the boot time from cold start. Data shows that a greater number of users turn off a PC or laptop rather than send it to sleep and load time is one of the holy grails of new designs and improvements to operating systems and software. Microsoft is reporting improved boot times between 30% and 70% over Windows 7. You can see in the video the Microsoft program manager holding the HP Elitebook is booting Windows 8 with a solid state drive (SSD) with pretty startling results.†

Microsoft teams have worked closely together to change the way Windows shuts down and starts up.† The record boot times are the result of new methods to shut down the session kernel with multi-phase resume capability relevant to multi-core systems particularly with Intelís second generation Sandy Bridge Quad Core processors.

This form of hibernation does not require full system initialisation at start up but full system hibernation (waking computer from S3 level sleep) will also benefit with fast boot times.

More to come on Windows 8!