Where’s the start menu in Windows 8 gone?



The missing orb and search box in the lower left of the taskbar is like a gaping hole to many judging by the feedback we’ve been getting about Windows 8.

I find Modern Start UI and search affects workflow, when working in the desktop mode of Windows 8. StartisBack, a program that does not use Windows 7 code and install very nicely into Windows 8, restores all the now familiar features of the start menu.

When you first install StartisBack it lets you tweak the settings, I choose to enable the following settings to keep some important Windows 8 features of the UI.




Startisback offers a try option for 30 days and is $3 to buy. As always with 3rd party programs use at your own risk. I am using (testing) it without any problems and keep you informed here or via twitter.