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You can do more to protect yourself during internet banking, MYOB use, and protecting your identity online.

At Wired Office we have one PC that does all our internet banking, online forms, credit card payments and MYOB transactions. Because we have an internet presence we are often a target of cyber crime in the form of bogus emails and even phone calls. Our real concern though is keylogger programs because they can steal money and identity and operate in stealth mode. We can show you how we protect our system from these types of threats.

  1. Book a paid security support session (1 to 2hrs)
  2. Use our free anti-keylogger installation during a standard support call

The zbot backdoor Trojan, also known as Zeus is a very successful tool for milking millions of dollars from everyday computer users, small businesses, and large corporate networks around the world.

Zeus is similar to Trojan. Hydraq. Read what Symantec corporate security has to say about the capabilities of these keylogger capable trojans.

To view the backdoor Trojan.Hydraq at work on an infected computer view this video and note the ability of the trojan to assume the name of a Windows system resource (svchost shell commonly used for printer requests and other resources as part of its stealth mode.

Over the last six months in Perth we have found hundreds of variants of this particular keylogger on consumer and business PC's.  So, how did it get there? The usual gateways are false emails, browser exploits and “drive-bys”, downloads, peer to peer file sharing, and physical intrusion of the machine. Also, we often find trojans originating from downloads for free antivirus, trojan remover, etc., exploiting common search terms.

Above: Rogue antivirusinstaller GUI

We’re here to help – book an onsite security support session today!

We can offer advice on the best antivirus programs based on real world, day to day experience in the field. It might surprise you that some of the more affective, award winning antivirus programs are not from the usual AV vendors.

But when it comes to backdoor Trojans an AV may not be enough and to have a preventative strategy in place to protect against keyloggers is vital given the stealth ability of this type of Trojan.

We provide a service to scan your PC(s) using state of the art techniques for security intrusions, and install preventative strategies and tools against the insidious keylogger threats.

The type of deep scanning tools we deploy in these scenarios take a little longer to complete than standard desktop scanners, and we are able to scan many PC’s at once. Expect a scan time to be between 1 and 2 hours. These can also be run overnight with minimal downtime next morning to install preventative anti-keylogging.

If you complete forms or do internet banking you have a right to feel safe online. Book a security and anti-keylogger support session today to mitigate the very real threat of trojan keylogging in your home or business.

We can also deploy anti-keylogging only for internet facing computers during a standard onsite support call with no additional costs.


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