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“Service Connection Error” solutions

Service connection error. There may be a technical issue with your service which is preventing you from establishing a connection.

This could be related to connecting to Google or other websites, while other websites have no problem connecting. If you press F5 the browser window will refresh, if you press ctrl + F5 the browser will refresh at the server and this may resolve the issue for a glitchy connection.

This can also relate to corrupted cache data or cookies.

In Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9, go to the tools menu and choose internet options. On the general tab choose to delete browsing history. This will delete history, cookies and cache. Restart Internet Explorer.

If this is specific to a standalone computer or laptop (not on other PC’s on the network) your hosts file may have picked up URL lines. To have Microsoft fix your hosts file and reset it back to default visit Windows 7.

Still not fixed? Try resetting your DNS cache settings. An easy method is to navigate to the device management interface via control panel, locate your network adaptor, choose uninstall and restart your computer. This will reset your DNS and TCP settings.



How private are your google searches?

The other day I was in my car and wanted to call a local dentist. I forgot the number so I tethered my iphone to my (wifi) ipad and looked up the dentists website on google. Next day I got a spam email from a dentist in Phnom Penh offering discounted endodontic (root canal) work. This couldn’t be a coincidence, dental spam is pretty uncommon. Google will tell you that searches are not available to prying eyes and might only be available to certain types of persistant cookies in your browser. In this case I was using Safari which is regularly shutdown and its cache cleared of data.

At this stage it’s a mystery how this happened. Have you had similar situations? Write and let me know.

In your own home or place of business things are not so private, just a little hidden. People often use web browsers while being logged into their Google account, or forget it’s open. You can seethis in the top right corner of the google search page. Gone is the google my search history but it is still there, just not so obvious. While logged into google type in my search history to view your recent and past searches.

Here you can see everything you searched for starting from the most recent date, with time stamps. Over to the right you can see a calendar where you can search your search history by date. Because people don’t notice they are logged in to google all searches are recorded, and another user can sit down at the PC and see this history.

To prevent google recording searches you can simply log out of your account, use the pause button available in my search history,or regularly go in and use the clear all tab.