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Best printer for a small office? The new Samsung 6260ND.


A client asked me to suggest a good laser printer for his home office. He prints in A4, colour and mono, with a duty cycle of about 300-1000 pages per month. It has to be a workgroup printer so other computers in the office and the rest of the house can use it over the network, with a scanner, and reasonable document feeder.

I started talking about technical specifications of a few different brands and models when he stopped me and said, look, we have had Brother and HP printers, what I want is a printer that is easy to setup and use. I said ok, what you need is the new Samsung 6260 network laser multifunction center.

I have installed a couple of these printers recently. I’m impressed by the thought gone into making the installation as easy as possible, even over an ethernet network. The software on the DVD found the printer quickly, an update is carried out automatically during the installation, and the installation took about 3 minutes. I have spent 10 or 15 minutes installing Brother and HP software and drivers, and more time uninstalling unwanted toolbars and programs. The Samsung 6260 software is a leap forward in customer satisfaction and is pleasantly devoid of crapware, 3rd party toolbars and the like.

You can print up to 25ppm in colour or mono and the quality is comparable to high end laser printers. Samsung says the model has an improved rendering engine, toner and speed. Samsungs ReCP technology automatically sharpens printed text and graphics to eliminate while gaps or haloing. You will also notice sharper lines and more vivid, natural colour.

The control panel is backlit LCD display which again is easy to use, makes perfect sense and reduces the IT frustration level for the non-technical to about zero.

If you want a laser MFC network printer that is really easy to install and use, for around the same price as other brands in this category under $600, look at the Samsung 6260ND.


Update to this post September 11, 2013.

The vagaries of IT equipment and software can mean we don’t know if it will work the way it’s supposed to in so many cases these days, but warranties are set in stone and major vendors should honour them.

We have been struggling for a month now to have Samsung attend to a warranty claim for one of our customers through its support chain for the printer model above. After a protracted battle to convince the Samsung appointed repair tech firm that a clause in the contract states, if the printer weighs more than 16kg it will be serviced onsite, or taken back to the service agents for repair and returned at Samsung’s expense, we had the 26kg printer picked up, repaired and returned, with the existing problem not fixed.

Exasperating. We rang Samsung and asked for another warranty service call. ok, they agreed, but as time marched we never heard from the technician. We rang again, the helpdesk person offshore had forgotten to “book the call” which involved sending an email to the technician. Strangely, we were asked to provide all the information again, serial number, product number, contact details, address etc.

Samsung, if you google your brand + warranty not honoured you will see we are not alone in this.

More to come.