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Among the first drives and printers we started selling back in the day was the impressive 10mb capacity hard drive. Imagine, you can store about 20 photos from your digital camera or about 200 Word docs.

Before drives were produced for the mass global market they were outrageously expensive. Solid state drives have been notoriously expensive but certain mass produced brands have dropped considerably in recent years making the transition to SSD a worthwhile thing to do for the sake of performance, fast startup, and smooth seamless interaction.

When you have used a SSD on your computer or laptop you would never go back to the dinosaur age of drives. On our new desktop computer builds we use good quality and low price point, value for money SSD’s, integrated with new technology storage to keep your important stuff away from the SSD.

For a new desktop computer with performance that makes computing a joy again (instead of a drag), or to upgrade your laptop drive to SSD, give us a call today in Perth WA.