Low battery and wake-on-lan safety check

If you are experiencing low battery life on your Windows 7 powered laptop a good place to start looking for reasons is component hardware set to wake-on-LAN.  If your laptop is waking by itself after going off to sleep this could be draining your battery. Also, if the laptop is forced to wake by a hardware component or task the laptop could become very hot in a confined space like a bag, especially if that bag is inside hand luggage in the overhead locker!

The steps to check your wake-on-LAN settings are:

  • start menu, type “cmd” (without quotes)
  • right click cmd to run as administrator (Windows 7)
  • in the command prompt type “powercfg -devicequery wake_armed
  • when we query the power configuration settings we will see any devices set to wake prompts
  • if one of the devices is a network or wireless network adaptor navigate to (start >r) to open a run box
  • type in “devmgmt.msc” to list your¬†network adaptors
  • right click, choose properties, choose power management
  • adjust your wake on LAN settings.