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We have been providing computer repairs in Woodvale for over 15 years as a local computer resource and as wiredoffice as a support firm. This is a trusted Microsoft certified service which has a reputation for fair pricing models and fast resolution of the most common computer problems and issues. The problems that causes you to pull your hair out over several days are likely to have simple answers which are known to experienced techs.

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Same day computer repairs in Woodvale - service options

There are many services available these days for technical support and computer repairs. You will find only a few have the long term experience and, more importantly, industry training and certifications. It makes all the difference to have a benchmark for the money you spend. There is no premium for a certified technician. You could be paying the same charge for less experienced mobile computer repairs.

Aside from mobile computer service at your home or office, we can fix many problems and minor annoyances quickly with online remote service - from just $49 for our remote access quickfix 30 minute service. (charged at 30min blocks). Our pricing model is very straightforward, no smoke and mirrors, no hidden charges. For some bigger jobs we offer the peace of mind of capped charges or a fixed rate quote. So you know before. In those rare cases where we might need to take the computer away a flat fee is involved but in this case the fee for coming out is set at $49. Reasonable and fair pricing models keeps everyone happy.

Is our remote access safe? - Guaranteed!

Our remote computer support service is very easy to use and perfectly safe. We only use standard industry accepted remote access tools. You can see everything we do and your are protected by 256bit endpoint encryption. The password or RSA key changes every time you restart your computer (we can only log in once with the key only you can provide during that session).

We also provide same day or overnight standard tech support services in the workshop.


We are close to Woodvale - bring your computer or laptop to us and save

Some problems are resolved quickly in computing. But there are issues which, in order to be supported properly and effectively, can take longer, sometimes several hours. Otherwise the underlying problem may not be resolved, the hidden aspects of malware or virus not immediately obvious, such as malware which infects the boot sector or hidden sections of the drive. If you can bring your computer to us we will offer you a flat quote to fix the issues. Everyone is happy with our flat quotes and the labour charge quoted will never change no matter how much time we spend on it. No smoke and mirrors. Fair pricing models.

If you cannot bring your PC or laptop to us we charge a pick up service of $49. Some examples of why people prefer workshop based service are:

  • unstable system may be caused by underlying issues or faulty hardware.
  • we can properly diagnose with our workshop equipment & tools
  • full service upgrade to a new SSD offers you a precise cost upfront.
  • suspected malware or virus for mission critical (i.e. banking) systems require deep level scanning and analysis, a reset or reinstallation
  • some people use wireless modems which are problematic for large windows updates. We can do all your out of date patches for you for just a one hour charge, regardless of actual time.

Please book your computer early for same day service. Call first to be sure we are not on calls.


A new pricing option:

We now offer a basic level of service to cater for those who don't mind the time it takes to do all the things mentioned above (not everyone has data, emails, programs etc to migrate over). We take care of the technical side and you do your own reinstalling of programs, setup of emails and so on. So for the example above of an upgrade to SSD the optional service includes:

  • assembly and fitting of the new SSD (SSD hardware not included in support charges obviously)
  • installation of Windows 10 and activated by your current valid licence (even though the free win10 offer has long expired we can usually activate from windows 7 to windows 10 with a new (free) digital licence (worst case scenario is you need to buy a new licence - we see this in only a tiny % of cases)
  • cost for this basic service is $149*


As you can see on the map below we are just a short drive from Woodvale, just on the other side of the freeway divide. Easy! Make sure to book first in case we are on a callout. For job tickets in the workshop we can offer you a >>FIXED PRICE<< for most jobs. That's regardless of how long it takes. Please enquire if your job qualifies (most jobs do).


Tip of the day for Woodvale computer users!

Is your laptop no longer charging when plugged in to the mains?

This is a common problem and is often misdiagnosed by end users and inexperienced technicians and support people. We are able to run a series of tests to either eliminate the usual causes of this issue, or find the reason for not charging. It can be disappointing to believe it is the battery only to find the new battery also does not charge correctly. Often we find this is caused by a software related issue.

Our minium diagnostic fee is only $49. Money well spent to get an answer to this sort of problem.

Other, related issues:

can include a black screen when the computer wakes from sleep or a fresh startup. This may not have anything to do with the battery or the software, but is often resolved quickly at the hardware level. We have also seen issues which may indicate a faulty SSD m.sata drive. Before you rush out to buy a new one it might be a good idea to invest the diagnostic fee to be sure this is the true issue.

Computer problems are not always logical. Occam'S razor applies to many issues and the simple answer is the best outcome.

cost for computer repairs


A diagnosis will cost you $49. Examples of diagnostics:

  • your laptop or notebook doesn't start - some of the causes can easily be resolved to get you up and running again.
  • you need a diagnosis and technical report for the insurance company
  • you need to know if the problem is major or minor to see if its worth fixing versus buying a new machine
  • in desktop computers we can test the power grid to see if the PSU is faulty causing your PC to not start up.


The most popular upgrade for desktops and laptops - boost performance up to x10

SSD's or solid state drive are transistor driven drives, as apposed to the heat generating spinning platter drives of the past. SSD's are fast and can solve the sluggish performance issues. Startup and shutdowns can take 3-4 seconds instead of the big wait times we are so used to. Bring your PC or laptop for same day upgrade and migration of your data.

Special offer!!

from now until xmas we are offering to source the best possible price on SSD from local wholesale. No catches or gimmicks. If you are getting your new SSD fitted by us we will send you to buy at best possible price. Our preferred SSD drives have been showing significant savings in recent weeks, but sell out from time to time. So get a move on!

upgrade your computer to a fast SSD drive


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