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Firstly - Limitations on repairing Microsoft Surface & Surface Pro tablet computers. Due to the number of calls we receive for support for Surface tablets this page is a courtesy page only.

***We are not authorized service agents*** - there are no authorized service agents in Australia. Microsoft prefers to provide Surface and Surface Pro repairs directly and does not have the option of service agents for these particular devices.

But we can provide diagnositcs or software support, removal of malware, general support services - with the option of remote desktop support from $49.


Do you have a cracked screen? We do not repair screens. We will not be able to offer any assistance over the phone. Click the following link for further help from Microsoft. See the information shown lower down on this page for broken screens and why few tech shops even attempt to fix them.



Do you have the flickering screen issue on certain models?

The verge website refers to it as flickergate. https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/1/16958954/microsoft-surface-pro-4-screen-flickering-issues-flickergate

The Surface series of tablets are a great success story for Microsoft. These are world class tablets, robust and versatile and mostly always get great reviews, but where are the authorized service agents for Surface and Surface pro? Microsoft chooses to fix its own product in this case (see links below), offers limited training for partners and does not appoint service agents. This is relevant to hardware defects and issues. Any software issues can usually be resolved using normal support procedures.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that Surface and Surface Pro are so robust that cracked screens, physically broken screens, are basically declared unfixable. ifixit.com gave the Surface Pro 6 a fixit rating of 1 out of 10. Meaning it's basically impossible to tear down and replace anything.

Note this message on the official Microsoft Surface website:

"Important - We don't repair devices. A cracked or physically damaged Surface device can't be repaired, we'll need to replace it. If you have not backed up your data, we won't be able to save it for you"

By using the word "it" I'm pretty certain this means your Surface tablet. This does not always mean you need to buy a new one though. Check with Microsoft to see if your device qualifies for a replacement under warranty, accidental damage if you ordered insurance with it, or whether you may qualify for reduced cost for replacement device. According to the Microsoft website this is probably going to be a refurbished device - in the case of Surface Pro 6 the refurbished device cost appears to be around half the cost of a new device.



Do you have accidental damage insurance? Need an insurance technical report? We can help.

Some buyers have the option of buying the two year window for accidental damage. This will cover cracked or broken screens, water damaged screens, most of which may be covered by insurance. Many people also seem to have this level of insurance in their normal home insurance policies in Australia. You will need to check with your insurer to be sure you have this clause.

We can prepare an insurance technical report in the proper format for an insurance company. This is normally included in the diagnostic fee of $49. If you require any extended service please enquire.

This link provides everything you need to know but remember to double check this information with the Microsoft Australia store.

And here is the claims process for those with additional damage cover with Microsoft Complete.

repair damaged Micrsoft Surface

The service we offer for Microsoft Surface & Surface Pro users.

The cost for a diagnostic procedure (for Surface tablets running Windows 10) - $49. Household insurance report is included. The types of service diagnostics we are able to provide at this point are:

  • keyboard or touchpad not functioning properly
  • your battery is not charging correctly or only lasts a short time
  • run tests to determine causes of overheating in relation to cooling fan
  • digitizer testing, such as swipe functioning, pinch, etc
  • home button test
  • mobile broadband testing
  • and many more......

Your problem may be able to be fixed. Or we may be able to confirm it is a hardware fault and needs to be sent to Microsoft for possible replacement.

Further services available for the Windows 10 operating system:

If the system does not respond due to an underlying hardware issue you will not be charged for labor beyond the minimum fee of $49.

  • if your system is running abnormally we can reset it for you
  • virus or malware removal
  • popup's removed
  • if you have a damaged screen we can recover data from Surface Pro and Surface


Have you got a faulty battery in your Surface Pro?

It may appear to be a battery not charging or not holding charge but this is not always a fault in the battery itself. We provide a diagnostic on the battery which often involves a simple fix. The minimum charge for diagnostic is $49.

Should your battery be defective you might want to check in with Microsoft Australia Surface Support (see links above) before outlaying your money. The procedure for replacing the battery has gone from a difficulty level of moderate to very difficult over the last three models of the Surface pro.

You can try doing it yourself. Here are the instructions. Check out the tools you'll need first!

faulty batter not holding charge Surface pro

Microsoft certified technical support





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