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High performing, quiet custom built computers - now taking limited orders and shipping Australia wide.

I am taking limited orders for my classic custom built computers. I have been building these quiet computers for over 15 years from the first Pentium processors to the latest standard, powerful Intel Generation 8.

Quiet computing is important to some people to eliminate ambient white noise, whirring of fans, noisy drives spinning up and spinning down, and a persistent hum. Quiet computers like ours are so close to silent they are referred to as silent in the industry.

Aside from these niche factors, my current builds are utilizing the power and performance of generation 8 with fast startup and shutdown in around 3.5 seconds. I use energy efficient certified power grids as part of the thermal management to keep temps down, which is of emerging importance for the new breed of microprocessors which produce more energy (=heat). The hotter a PC gets the slower it runs and the less reliable it becomes over time. This is at least one of the reasons why store bought systems tend to have short life spans.

I have always preferred the Antec chassis. Antec is an American based (California Silicon Valley) designer and manufacturer of computer components and cases. These cases are an essential part of my heat management goals. Large 120mm fans whir away quietly in the steel and aluminium chassis. Removable mesh filters are connected by magnets, easily removed for dusting out and cleaning. Computers tend to draw damaging dust in which causes ESD discharges and over time electrical failure. We just don't tend to see this type of very effective filtering in cheaper cases and store bought systems.

Vibration via the desktop or bench is kept to an absolute minimum with rubber feet, and I love the lighted Antec logo when the machine starts up. It's a nice touch.

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The top ten reasons to order a custom built machine.

1. Yes, custom built costs more than retail, but not much more. You will get a high end machine with massive data storage, fast and reliable SSD drive, longevity and reliability for between $1500 to a little over $2000 for our standard models.

1. if you want to upgrade parts, fit a new motherboard, change a fan, etc., you don't have to pay the inflated prices for proprietary parts. And parts are readily available.

2. Heat management is a big part of a quality build. Your computer will run cooler, quieter, and be protected from damaging heat.

3. A custom build delivers the best value for money for a performance to cost ratio. You don't need to be a gamer or a power user to appreciate the fast, responsive feel of our Gen8 systems.


Place your order now.

We are accepting a limited number of orders only and yes we ship Australia wide.

We do not sell monitors because the preferences and choices are so wide ranging. Dell make the Dell Ultrasharp and other models for gaming, photo editing, and so on.

We do not sell speakers because of the vast range and personal choice, but pop over to the Logitech shop for some of the best speakers around.

We do not sell keyboards. again, because of personal choice. You can buy a simple Microsoft keyboard, through to wireless backlit keyboards from Logitech.


Duncraig, near Hillarys and Joondalup, Perth Western Australia.


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  12 Months Onsite Limited Hardware Replacement warranty