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Get fast resolution of your computer problems from a senior Microsoft Certified technican online today - Call 0400 241 756 for prompt service  

Are you located anywhere in Australia and have a computer problem?

You may not need the cost burden of an onsite call from a computer technican, or the inconvenience of lugging your PC or laptop to a computer shop and wait a week to get it back. At Wired Office we have the skills to quickly diagnose your computer problem and provide expert resolution of the issue - often within the hour.

How much will it cost? Most remote access computer help sessions are completed successfully in 30mins to an hour. Charges are $125 for the first hour, and $62.50 per half hour after that. You can pay by credit card over the phone and we will send a tax invoice so you claim the service on your tax.  
Things we can help with....
  • Computer running slow? This is often simple maintenance
  • Virus & Spyware removal
  • The cause of those Blue Screen errors
  • setup and configure your email accounts for imap or pop3
  • Internet Explorer keeps crashing
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computer help australia  

How safe is it for your technican to remote access my computer?

It is understandable these days why people have security and privacy concerns, especially when there are many remote access computer tech support websites and services that are not located in the Australian continent, or are simply scammer sites.

Our remote access software is HTTPS based, it does not install and has no footprint, it is protected by 256bit security during the process, the technician fixes the problems and the end user is happy and back to business with no remote access software left behind.

Also, the end user can see everything the tech support expert does. He or she cannot read and open documents for example.