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We have started building our custom built systems again in 2019?

Are you looking for a custom built high quality computer? We are planning on building a small number of custom builds each year for a limited number of customers. For the remainder of the year (2018) please contact me for availability.


People who seek out custom built desktop computers will enjoy a great many advantages over store bought systems from the big mega corp. computer manufacturers like Dell, HP and so on. A custom built computer will not be cheaper than retail computers, but consider some of the benefits:

1. if you want to upgrade parts, fit a new motherboard, change a fan, etc., you don't have to pay the inflated prices for proprietary parts.

2. Heat management is a big part of a quality build. Your computer will run cooler, quieter, and be protected from damaging heat.

3. We use the American based Antec brand chassis for various reasons, but most importantly to deliver silent computing. This is especially important in home offices, music or video editing, music recording, or enjoying the high quality sound built into these computers.

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We can build the latest generation 8 desktop with incredible performance, start up and shutdown in mere seconds, HD video without the added expense of high end graphics cards, with a massive 5GB of total storage for under $1700 plus build costs.

Duncraig, near Hillarys and Joondalup, Perth Western Australia.


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  12 Months Onsite Limited Hardware Replacement warranty