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Rule Number 1: Never trust your antivirus!

It is widely understood by senior technical support specialists and network engineers that antivirus programs are not effective at what they are designed to do. This is largely because they are based on signature based detection. These days, malware (malicious ware) is very flexible and can be installed completely undetected by all the major antivirus programs.

The IT professional with experience in cybersecurity will always start with the approach that the system is infected and can only be shown as clean after an investigation. It is not uncommon for popular antivirus programs to report "no suspicious activity" when the machine is labouring with malware.

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The current epidemic of malware.

  1. scammers who trick people into allowing fake tech support often leave behind a launch later capability after your have removed the remote login program they installed. It is vital to have your PC checked by a capable tech professional to ensure your system is not compromised.
  2. current generation malware operates in stealth mode and is quite capable of shutting down your antivirus and excluding itself from being detected, like system files. In the face of some modern malware, even simple browser redirects or unwanted programs, most antivirus is ineffective.
  3. malware can re infect at a later date if it is not cleaned efficiently from caches and registry.

The latest viruses have the ability to re infect a computer by using cloaking, stealth technology. The cryptolocker virus, Australia post virus some of the recent examples. These strains also clearly bypass antivirus programs. The ransom strain is replaced in Australia to encrypt files with no chance of getting data back, and also presents a serious risk of observing your bank or paypal logins and altering payee information.

We have advanced tools to remove virus and malware external to the system to effectively remove the infection whilst minimizing risk to system and user data, and avoid the inconvenience of a complete re-installation.

We can advise on best practice antivirus and malware based on current research.

We offer a flat fee for this service offsite and a mobile service to most suburbs. Or CALL NOW FOR REMOTE COMPUTER SUPPORT ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA.


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