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We service the entire northern coastal suburbs of Perth and our flat rate mobile technician service is inclusive of travel. We provide computer repairs Mullaloo 7 days a week with same day service. We are a registered partner with Microsoft which means we receive ongoing training in new technologies such as Windows 10 and all its upgrades. We also have the industry standard qualification as a Microsoft certified support specialist. This is your benchmark for professional service and competence.

We receive service calls from Mullaloo involving everything from family computers and networks, through to home office and small business systems. Our aim is to provide the best customer service experience at a fair price. Our 30min Quickfix solution is very popular and can help you tick off those annoyances for just $49 for the 30min service. Just explain your issue over the phone, we'll get all the right answers and call you back to start your 30min session.


Same day computer repairs in Mullaloo - the service options

It pays to utilize the skill and experience of a professional computer repair service. Since 2005 we have developed a reputation for quality service which resolves issues quickly and in best practice. Band aid solutions tend not to last long - we get to the real underlying causes of problems. You do not pay anymore for professional service, and often you will even pay less because of the time frame.

You can have a mobile computer technician at your door often within an hour or two. Onsite service is treated as priority. We offer onsite, workshop based, and remote access service. You choose the best option for you. Need advice? Just give us a quick call.

We are user friendly and communicate technical terms and issues in plain speak.


How safe is your remote access service?

When we log into your computer it as though the technician is sitting there with you. You can see everywhere we go, reading error logs, running diagnostic scans and so on. We cannot open a folder without you seeing it. The remote access software we use for computer support, from Mullaloo to Broome, is industry standard fully encrypted and invisible to scammers.

This service is available 7 days a week to around 8pm each evening.


We are a short drive from Duncraig to Mullaloo - you can also choose to visit us.

The beauty of desktop and laptop computers, unlike your kitchen sink, is they are portable. You save a bundle by bringing it to us!!

Here are some of the advantages of workshop based service:

  • we can run system diagnostics, integrity checks on your drive or graphics engine, deep level malware scans beyond the scope antivirus programs, and the large updates we see in Windows, over many hours without you paying for that extra time. We are able to set a quote amount on a job and stick to it for the bulk of work we do.
  • If you need hardware replacement, such as a hard drive, or ram memory, we will source the best price locally through our own suppliers and you can save on the normal store prices. Please make enquiries about upgrades or replacements you have in mind.




Most call outs involve one hour jobs, but if you have a a faulty drive for example, and need the data recovered from that drive we will switch over to cheaper workshop based price quote, and charge only an extra $49 for time onsite.

examples of recent work we did onsite which involved workshop diversion.

  • unstable hard drive with imminent risk of hardware failure (terminal state) & data recovery
  • failed mainboard and replacement
  • replacement of hard drive in inaccessible laptop (no HDD access-requiring a tear down)

Recent examples of jobs completed onsite

  • replacement of the power grid onsite
  • computer keeps restarting
  • reconfigure email settings to sync with device wide emails
  • evaluate security and setup best practice software
  • check and reconfigure best practice back and cloud based backup

Please book your computer early for same day service. Call first to be sure we are not on calls.


A new pricing option:

We now offer a basic level of service to cater for those who don't mind the time it takes to do all the things mentioned above (not everyone has data, emails, programs etc to migrate over). We take care of the technical side and you do your own reinstalling of programs, setup of emails and so on. So for the example above of an upgrade to SSD the optional service includes:

  • assembly and fitting of the new SSD (SSD hardware not included in support charges obviously)
  • installation of Windows 10 and activated by your current valid licence (even though the free win10 offer has long expired we can usually activate from windows 7 to windows 10 with a new (free) digital licence (worst case scenario is you need to buy a new licence - we see this in only a tiny % of cases)
  • cost for this basic service is $149*


Easy directions to Duncraig from Mullaloo

We are a leisurely drive from Mullaloo,turn into Marmion and it's only 15mins away. Easy! We do a lot of work in the workshop but may be out on a service call - so please call or text first to be sure someone is here!

Microsoft certified computer service Mullaloo

Tip of the day for Mullaloo 6027 Windows 10 computer users!

Here are a bunch of tips to get you up to speed on Windows 10.

  • Not sure where all your data is going on a mobile Telstra, Optus 4g WiFi etc.? Is it Windows 10 updating? Is it someone hacking into your computer/laptop? Easy. Just press the start key windows 10 start key and hold it down while with the right hand tap the letter i to bring up the global systems. >>network and internet >>data usage
  • the system menu shortcuts can be found at hold down the start key start and with your right hand tapping the letter x. Look for the underscore letter and just press that letter on your keyboard.
  • the global system settings have drill down menus. You can find useful things like this. Mobile hotspot, so you can share your laptop internet connection with say, your ipad or tablet if it doesn't have inbuilt internet


cost for computer repairs


Need to find out if your laptop is worth fixing? - diagnosis charge only$49.

  • some battery issues are caused by issues other than the battery. We may be able to fix it and avoid replacement battery.
  • our diagnostic fee covers a properly formatted insurance report
  • notebook not starting? it could be a minor issue.
  • touch screen not working properly, causing flickering - could be an easy fix


Interesting facts about SSD (solid state drives) - Should you upgrade?

There are inherent problems with normal spinning platter hard disks. They have moving parts which generate heat. Some computers have poor ventilation systems and generate more heat than others with better fan systems. These spinning platter drives and getting pretty ancient now. The old IBM 650 had this technology in 1956.

The new SSD (solid state drives) took a long time to get to reasonable prices. They are currently at an all time low for our "preferred SSD drives". Some SSD's have a reputation for reliability and long mean hours, other not so reliable. A good quality SSD (certain models from Samsung are good. Samsung SSD's are now owned by Seagate - home of the popular Barracuda HDD).

Contrary to popular myths about SSD's:

  • SSD's are transistor driven drive with no moving parts. They are super quiet and super fast and do not generate the same degree of heat as a standard platter drive. The flash is very robust and these drives can reach a great many hours of work before failure points. Some manufacturers claims up to a million hours. It is all true by and large.
  • SSD's are more likely to lose data than platter drives - this may have been the case in the early days but not anymore.
  • SSD's are not that much faster than a high performance desktop drive - the performance difference between HDD and SSD is night and day. There is a feeling of flowing rather than click and wait on platter drives.

Special offer on SDD drive upgrades!!

from now until xmas we are offering to source the best possible price on SSD from local wholesale. No catches or gimmicks. If you are getting your new SSD fitted by us we will send you to buy at best possible price. Our preferred SSD drives have been showing significant savings in recent weeks, but sell out from time to time. So get a move on!

upgrade your computer to a fast SSD drive


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We are not a retail store. Please call or text before heading to the workshop to be sure we are available

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