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Hard Drive Sudden Death Syndrome

Antec External Hard Drive Backup SolutionYou can save a lot of money on computer repairs and replacement of hard drives, data recovery costs or data loss by being prepared and managing backup.

One of the key issues affecting hard disk failure and sudden death is heat. This can be especially true of hard drives inside external casings with little or no heat controls.

The new Antec MX-1 external SATA drive has a patented, very quiet cooling fan (under 22dBA) so the drive can run continuosly, ready for the next scheduled backup. On the rear is a power on/off switch, USB, and E-SATA port.

Our price of $349 (inc gst) includes  SATA 640GB Hard disk capacity, delivery, and installation of e-sata port on your desktop PC so you can transfer data at blazing speeds.

The MX-1 works great with Vista business editions to create image backups so you can restore your computer in minutes in the event of system failure.