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The solution to ipad wifi Dropouts

The internet is awash with forum questions about ipad wifi dropouts. Actually, it’s more like a tidal wave. Since the 4.3 ios update the issue has become more common. We had this problem to, complicated further by the distance from the front office to rear of building in the home with a couple of solid brick walls in between requiring a wifi extender and this seemed to make the problem worse.

The ipads and ipods connecting into this onsite wireless network just kept dropping out, even in close proximity to the router. Users needed to “forget this network” and rejoin. Even refreshing the DHCP didn’t help. The problem we discovered was a type of congestion and compatibility issue within the 2.4GHz range. In this situation we were able to resolve this by dividing the network into 2.4 and 5GHz. Problem there is the 5GHz has high speed coverage but poor depth of field. We resolved this by deploying a wireless access point (not an extender) at a midway point.

For Perth users in the home, an educational situation, or a business that uses ipads we set all this up for you. Contact one of our mobile computer technicians in Perth today.


Fast boot times on Windows 8


With Windows 8 on the not so distant horizon we are starting to see trickles of information about this much anticipated operating system with an emphasis on delivering what users want, in the tradition of Windows 7.

One of these features is improvements to the boot time from cold start. Data shows that a greater number of users turn off a PC or laptop rather than send it to sleep and load time is one of the holy grails of new designs and improvements to operating systems and software. Microsoft is reporting improved boot times between 30% and 70% over Windows 7. You can see in the video the Microsoft program manager holding the HP Elitebook is booting Windows 8 with a solid state drive (SSD) with pretty startling results. 

Microsoft teams have worked closely together to change the way Windows shuts down and starts up.  The record boot times are the result of new methods to shut down the session kernel with multi-phase resume capability relevant to multi-core systems particularly with Intel’s second generation Sandy Bridge Quad Core processors.

This form of hibernation does not require full system initialisation at start up but full system hibernation (waking computer from S3 level sleep) will also benefit with fast boot times.

More to come on Windows 8!


2 Useful Office 2010 Tips

1. Password protect Word document
Computers are used for just about everything these days, including jotting down sensitive account details and passwords into Word documents.

Modern NAT routers and firewalls offer some level of protection against hackers, but there’s always the chance your computer will get stolen. A password protecting the user account is a small obstacle to a thief with some easily available know-how to bypass account passwords.

A password protected Word file offers similar levels of protection. Lose this password and you may be able to recover it using programs available on the internet. Still, we think it’s a handy thing to protect Word docs at the user level. You can find more information about protecting Word docs and removing user history here. Further information to restrict editing, or to add an invisible digital signature and mark the document as final can be found here.



Password protect Word document

To password protect a Word 2010 document

  1. Open a new blank Word document
  2. Navigate to the file menu
  3. Look for the info tab and in the right hand pane choose permissions
  4. Choose the Protect Document button


 2. Outlook Quick Parts

If you receive email enquiries regularly that you can answer with a standardised reply Quick Parts is for you!



Outlook Quick Parts

Steps to enable and insert Quick Parts

  1.  Click reply as usual to the email enquiry
  2. write the standard reply
  3. with the cursor in the body area of the email choose the insert tab in the Text tab
  4. choose Quick Parts Choose Save Selection to Quick Parts gallery

In future you can use Quick parts to reply


Why surge boards don’t work on computer equipment

You don’t need to wait for a power blackout or a thunderstorm to damage your computer, power fluctuations and unseen surges through the mains power or through ADSL /Phone lines can do incremental damage or catastrophic damage to delicate computer electronics, hard drives and network cards.

One of the issues with power boards is that in a surge event they will shut off the power to the board, causing the computer to shutdown.  In technical circles this is known as “unexpected shutdown” and is a common causes of disk failure or data loss. The event is logged in the systems error reporting  and is an important area of risk management for data.

Surge boards are not cheap and the high cost can give you a false sense of security. If it costs this much it must work, right? Wrong. Surge boards that suddenly interrupt power to your computer often cause problems rather than the intended purpose of protecting sensitive computer electronics.

The solution for the office and home.

An uninterruptable power supply that offers true sine wave technology was something that only large enterprise could afford, but units have now become smaller and affordable. The most important part of good UPS technology is the line interactive capability. This straightens out the sine wave to deliver clean power, along with the ability to switch to backup battery when the power fails. If the power is not restored within a specified time you can shut down your computer gracefully.

UPS for home and small office

Protect Computer & ADSL Line to 750VA


There are many brands of UPS for the office or home available through technology outlets such as computer stores but few with capable and reliable Line Interactive Technology.

You can protect your PC equipment and ADSL line with a good quality UPS for around the same cost as a premium priced power board. We can install a UPS with Line Interactive Technology  (for $171 at the time of writing) during a standard service call.

Book an onsite computer service today and ask for a Upsonic Line Interactive UPS installation. It takes around 10 minutes and could save you from unnecessary power related data loss or component failure.