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BitTorrent downloads are a booming business

I remember reading about a single mum taken to court by the music industry in the USA and fined an extraordinary amount of money, in the millions, to send a clear message to every other single mum in the world – don’t download music for free, it’s illegal.

The outcome is different from the intended affect. We have seen the sledgehammer affect before, such as when Canon tried to use legal muscle to stop a flower seller in Tasmania expressing his views about the cost of Canon ink replacements. He posted every letter they sent him online so the rest of the world could watch the battle unfolding. It was a PR disaster for Canon and others like them who use defamation law to silence critics. Since that court case of the single mum and in spite of the crushing fines the torrent music download business has boomed,  and many recording artists are at odds with music industry moguls seeing illegal downloads as a good business proposition. Neil Young called torrent downloads the new radio station.

Musicmetric is a website dedicated to analysis of all music related information on the web whose data base covers 10 million releases and growing.  In a new report (BBC Torrent trend visualisation) trends in music BitTorrent downloads must be alarming for those media moguls and their lawyers and shows a huge increase in music downloading around the world. The source code for PirateBay is also now available as a code download to start your own download portal using Piratebay databases.

The trend is similar for movie downloads. It doesn’t always mean the quality is any better than a bali copy but demonstrates torrent downloads are on the rise for all media. A new site to find BitTorrent files without the use of trackers is moviemagnet.

Personally,  my preferred music is vinyl and movies are via AppleTV so I’m not going to get sued anytime soon 🙂


Send a self destructing message

Sending someone an email with sensitive information such as your credit card number, passwords, or other information can leave that message hanging around in email folders, instant messaging programs or texts for a period of time until it’s deleted, and even then can be recoverable.

Enter the burn after reading solution from Oneshar. This is the stuff of a James bond movie. The initial data you send in the message is encrypted, once read the message self destructs, and if your intended reader does not read the message it will self destruct after the time allocated by you. By default this is 3 days.

I can see a lot of uses for this. It’s free and you can get it here.


How to reply with attachment in Outlook 2010

There seems to be a lot of people looking for an answer to replying to an email and include the attachment. Normally the attachment is not included in the reply. People who were using lotus Notes and moved over to Outlook 2010 were used to a button to include attachment when replying, there is no such button in Outlook.

There is the option to “include attachments with all replies” but, by design, this feature is turned off so that inboxes and the send process is not clogged up with unnecessary attachments.

There are a range of complex answers and workarounds to this issue, including downloadable VB Scripts, but if you need to reply occassionally with the original attachment a quick solution is to right click the attachment in the original email, select copy, then hit reply. In the reply email ctrl+V and the attachment will appear in the correct place.