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Best value business class laptop in 2012

Our pick of the best overall value in business class laptops is the latest HP Probook (4530S).

The Toshiba laptops in 2011 seemed slow even at the high end core i7 so the HP Probook was a pleasant surprise when we started one up out of the box to see very little of the usual proprietary software programs loading at startup. After working through the registration forms we were up and running in a matter of minutes.

This is the 15.5″ screen and an attractive brushed aluminium case, Intel Core i5-2400 series, Windows 7 Professional, 4GB DDR3 RAM, backlit LED, SRS Premium Sound, spill resistant keyboard.

Exceptional value in business class at $988.90 delivered to your door in Perth metro areas or plus freight Australia wide. Onsite tech service available. Place an order today.


How to fix Java failed to download required installation files update error

Some people get very annoyed about these things because the answer to issues like this are not obvious. You Google for answers and get all kinds of advice including one well known blogger’s suggestion to stop even trying to fix it, just uninstall all your Java bits, restart and download it all again.

The easy and quick way to fix Java update issues is to go here to the java update test center, check for out of date Java applications, and install the latest version.