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Where’s the start menu in Windows 8 gone?



The missing orb and search box in the lower left of the taskbar is like a gaping hole to many judging by the feedback we’ve been getting about Windows 8.

I find Modern Start UI and search affects workflow, when working in the desktop mode of Windows 8. StartisBack, a program that does not use Windows 7 code and install very nicely into Windows 8, restores all the now familiar features of the start menu.

When you first install StartisBack it lets you tweak the settings, I choose to enable the following settings to keep some important Windows 8 features of the UI.




Startisback offers a try option for 30 days and is $3 to buy. As always with 3rd party programs use at your own risk. I am using (testing) it without any problems and keep you informed here or via twitter.



The future of screen technology may be closer than you think

Remember in the film Avatar the computer screens were transparent. This is an example of capacitive screen technology first described in 1965 by E A Johnson. Other films followed that showed transparent, capacitive, touch technology.

Over at research (Research in Motion) in Sweden their researchers have produced a video with predictions for this type of technology as early as 2014. Fascinating stuff. Sorry about the ads.


New generation wifi from Netgear promises 3X speed and whole of home coverage.

When N-technology arrived a few years ago it was great. Wireless speed improved, there were less bottlenecks, in the 2.4GHz range the wifi signal extended further than 802.11G standards.

Today, technology demands more of routing and wireless technology to stream HD vision and audio, movies and apps on our ipads, DLNA devices like TV’s, and N-technology doesn’t quite get there, especially in homes where multiple people on ipads, appleTV, laptops and smartphones are all online at the same time, chewing into available bandwidth and speed.

The new 802.11AC wireless routing technology has arrived and changes everything, with vastly improved speed, wider area coverage, improved reliability (yes! less dropouts), and the ability to transfer data at gigabit speed, previosuly only available on high speed gigabit enabled devices.

Wired Office offers it’s Perth WA customers an installation and setup service onsite from just $90 for selected areas, to make sure you get the most out of the new technology. Call today for service on 1300 661 624


The new ways to send large attachments over the internet


Sending large files and folders via ftp, email and web programs  always needed a bit of know-how and where-to, but Adobe’s new PDF reader AdobeX makes sending large files and folders a breeze.

If you are using Microsoft’s cloud folders in Skydrive you can share a file or folder without the recipient needing to login, or choose the recipient to login for added security and logging. I tried sharing and sending a link for a MYOB set of folders and this was rejected as unsafe by Skydrive. Rather than look for permissions issues there I sent the folder of 16mb effortlessly using the AdobeX PDF program found on most computers.

In Windows 7 search for adobe, select adobeX to open the PDF reader. Go to the file menu and choose sharing. From there the process is easy and fast. If you don’t have the latest AdobeX you can get the latest version here