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Outlook login box keeps appearing

The Outlook 2007 email password login dialog box keeps appearing. You can check the box for save password but it keeps popping up.

We have been getting email requests on this issue, and there seems to be volumes of  forum posts with all kinds of whacky answers including creating new mail profiles or reinstalling Office. The answer is usually a lot simpler (remember Occams Razor).

Go to accounts under the tools menu, double click your accounts name, wipe your password and re-enter it. Click on test email settings, then click ok and exit the snap-in.


Xmas emails and hiding multiple recipients

Every year we see emails with xmas messages that have dozens of CC recipients.

The problem with this is that (a) everyone can see everyone elses email address (b) not everyone appreciates this, and (c) anyone who replies to your email will be read by everyone else on the CC list.

To hide all CC’d recipients follow these steps.

1. From the Outlook toolbar, click New and select Mail Message.

2. A new message window will appear.

3. Go to the Ribbon and select the Options.

4. In the Fields section, choose Show Bcc.

5. The Bcc field will appear. Place the address(es) you wish to send a blind carbon copy.