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Computer repairs Joondalup – 6027

Computer repairs Joondalup 6027


Computer repairs joondalup


Wired Office (est.2005) provide Microsoft Certified computer support services for business and home or home office in Joondalup, and Perth’s northern suburbs.

Are you looking for experienced and trusted computer repairs in or around Joondalup? Look no further!

Given our many years of experience and up to the minute technical knowledge we usually resolve computer problems very quickly, not just the issue itself but we will identify the root cause of the problem to help ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Three levels of service

  1. safe, trusted remote access support means we can log in to resolve your problem and get it resolved without the need for a technician onsite. It’s also much cheaper. We have a quick fix option of just $49 for 30mins. You can call us 7 days a week.
  2. If you are located in Joondalup or any of the surrounding suburbs you can bring your PC into our workshop in Duncraig. This is a good option for bigger jobs, such as putting in a new drive, scanning for malware, and so on, because we will give you a capped flat price regardless of the time we spend. So for most jobs you can know in advance. You still get our famous same day service or pick up next day service.
  3. Like most other services we can attend onsite. This is usually same day turnaround. Standard onsite charges apply but no travel fees are applied.

We are available 7 days a week, by appointment (text or call first).

We fix problems big or small

  • slow computer? This type of job is best brought into the workshop because you can save on extended tech onsite charges. Duncraig is only a short drive from Joondalup and close by suburbs. We can also clear your PC or laptop of malware with a remote access connection. Please enquire.
  • viruses, malware, other threats? In most cases these bugs can be removed quickly, even when your own antivirus does not detect them.
  • we do not make a profit on any hardware you require!
  • swap out your tied hard drive with a super fast SSD drive and dramatically improve performance!



How not to clean your computer of dust


Computers attract dust because they often do not have proper filters. Computers are seldom opened for cleaning because of the out of sight out of mind issue and dust can build up until the PC shuts down due to ESD (electro static discharge).

Dust is a big problem for computers in business, industry and home, and can significantly reduce the lifespan of the electronics. Using canned air is a risk to health according to this article at wikipedia, and when canned air is tilted it may release refrigerants. Aside from this canned air is generally not strong enough to effectively clean embedded dust in CPU sinks and the like.

Air compressors are too powerful for the delicate electronics boards of computers. Many types of air tools such as compressors create static electricity which weakens computer main boards.

The safest option for forced air with enough velocity to power clean embedded dust needs to be an ESD safe device.


We can provide this type of de-dusting inside desktop computers whilst onsite for a general support service call – for home or business. If you can have the computers prepared for cleaning before a tech arrives it will cut down on time/cost.

If you are in Perth’s northern suburbs call to book in a support call out. You can also bring your pc to us for a through clean out (Saturday mornngs best) while you wait – for $25. Remember to call or txt first.