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itunes assembly error after Windows 10 upgrade



Microsoft is certainly pushing out Windows 10 with zeal and good thing too because now new development can standardise for the new OS. But the problems we are seeing walk in the door are not the problems of Microsoft, but users who do not understand that systems should be prepared for a major OS upgrade.

One of these problems is the itunes installer will not work on some older laptops or desktop computers. Fear not, as always we have the answers and offer this as a service via online remote access, bring it in for same day/overnight service, or we can visit you in Western Australia.

Call us for all your online computer help issues.


How to Backup ipad and iphone photos and avoid the storage dramas


The hot topic at the moment is how to backup my ipad or iphone photos. There’s limited storage on ipads and iphones and those photos and family videos can grow out of control in no time. You can back them up to a PC of course but these days not everyone has a PC at home, preferring to use tablets and ipads. Also it is an inconvenience to plug your ipad into the laptop, open itunes and configure what you want synced to itunes and what you want stored. This is not a safe backup for irreplacable family photos because a drive in a PC or laptop offers no redundancy. It is also something people get into the habit of putting off, until the day you find you have 5% space left on the ipad and it’s time to panic. Are you relying on icloud to backup your photos? Remember icloud is a photo streaming service with limitations. It only backs up the last 1000 photos, these days people have much more. Videos are not backed up in icloud. icloud also states in its disclaimers that photos in photo stream will be deleted after a given time. If you want a reliable, safe backup you will need more than icloud.

Qnap and The Internet of Things (IOT)


Qnap is a network attached storage solution for home and SOHO users. This NAS system has many functions as part of its commitment to the coming IOT environment. It offers a range of apps in android or IOs to backup IOs device photos and store them in a protected RAID array on the NAS (if one of the multiple drives fail it will alert you and you simply replace the failing drive), there is an app for viewing your photos via direct streaming, keeping your ipad free of space hogs like photos and music. As part of the IOT you can run security cameras, upload to an FTP server to keep security images safe. You can use the device as an entertainment center on your TV.

No PC or laptop at home? The QManager app lets control the device from your ipad or iphone. The Qnap range has too many features to mention here and is one of our preferred NAS solutions. Call or email today for pricing and answers to your questions.




Among the first drives and printers we started selling back in the day was the impressive 10mb capacity hard drive. Imagine, you can store about 20 photos from your digital camera or about 200 Word docs.

Before drives were produced for the mass global market they were outrageously expensive. Solid state drives have been notoriously expensive but certain mass produced brands have dropped considerably in recent years making the transition to SSD a worthwhile thing to do for the sake of performance, fast startup, and smooth seamless interaction.

When you have used a SSD on your computer or laptop you would never go back to the dinosaur age of drives. On our new desktop computer builds we use good quality and low price point, value for money SSD’s, integrated with new technology storage to keep your important stuff away from the SSD.

For a new desktop computer with performance that makes computing a joy again (instead of a drag), or to upgrade your laptop drive to SSD, give us a call today in Perth WA.


Fake Tech support Scams in 2016 and How to Deal with them



Fake tech support or online technical support scams is something we are going to be seeing a lot more of in 2016. Why? Because they have just about mastered the art of fake online technical support. Here’s how they work and here’s how they fool everyday computer users and small business into believing they are legit.

A friend was on her home computer when she got a pop up alert, like the one seen above. She rang me and said it looks so real. What also helps with this illusion is the 1800 number which is also fake. When you ring this number it diverts to another number, usually offshore in places like India. You will be sceptical when they claim to be from Telstra, or Microsoft, or an agency that deals with tech support for well known firms. You might ask, “how do I know you are for real?”, and this is where it gets clever and very effective. Rather than use their own fake business names like they did in 2015, they will be using the business names of real firms doing real IT work. This is at least one variation of this type of fake scam. They will send you to that firms website to confirm who they are. You are with them on the line and it’s likely you will not phone that firm because you (a) on the phone with them or (b) that firm is in somewhere a long way off like Canada.

Microsoft support technician credentials or other Microsoft competencies is highly regarded in IT support so the scammer of late is sending the sceptical customer to the Microsoft Pinpoint site to check on the credentials of the firm whose name they are borrowing. Your every objection is covered so far except that something about Joe brown from India doesn’t smell kosher. Trust your instinct.

Exposing fakes and how would you know?

Google is littered with fakes for just about everything, such as fake phone numbers and websites for computer and printer vendors. You might think you are talking to HP while the tech person accesses your PC to install “troubleshooting software” but when they fail to fix the issue and start asking for money for their annual support plan and you realise you are being jipped it’s too late. They’ve installed the hidden software to later steal your ID and launch malware from a remote server. Now you are going to need a real IT support tech with sound experience and credentials to clean your computer up.

As you can see it’s getting harder to spot the fakes but keep these tips in mind:

  1. if you get a pop up alert on your computer warning you about malware, with a number to call, this will be fake. No such thing exists in Windows. Do not call the number.
  2. if someone calls you just hang up. The more you goad them the more likely you are to become distressed when they threaten to send someone local around to your residence.
  3. beware of fake antivirus programs alerts, such as the well documented Norton fake antivirus alert and providing a number to call for urgent online tech support. The fake alert could even be for the antivirus program you have installed.
  4. if in doubt seek help by calling a professional IT guy with Microsoft credentials in your area.

Real Online Tech Support.

The proliferation of fake tech support scams is growing from the real world popularity and convenience of having an online computer technician fix or maintain your computer remotely.

In late 2015 we launched our own version of online tech support within Australia at partly in response to the fake services and to meet the local demand. Our pricing is capped at 2 hours regardless of how long we spend on your computer. Call us for more advice on checking our credentials which we cannot post online.



No caps lock light on your keyboard?

Some of the new Microsoft keyboards do not have a caps lock light which can be annoying as hell but there are a couple of easy to apply workarounds.

  1. Enable a caps lock sound.

in the Ease of Access center you will find the toggle switch to enable caps lock sound. In Windows 10 or Windows 7 and Windows 8 type “ease” without the quotes into the search box in the lower left of the desktop.


You can turn off “always read this section aloud” before continuing. Scroll down to “turn on toggle keys” and also select turn on toggle keys by holding down the num lock for 5 secs. Click apply, then ok and close the remaining window. Now you have caps lock sound enabled. You can toggle off and on using the num lock key for 5 seconds.

2. If you prefer a visual display for caps lock go the Microsoft Keyboard Center, down the 32 or 64 bit bit version of the Keyboard software. It’s a free download and will display a caps lock pop up in the lower right hand side of the desktop.


Windows 10 – introducing Windows Hello

One day we will do away with passwords altogether and the world will be a better place. The Windows 10 “Hello” is a leap into that kind of world with the kind of biometric logins we see in sci-fi movies that open doors and computers. Windows 10 Hello will see you coming if you choose to use facial recognition and ask you if you want to login. I look forward to the day when the dozens of websites I log into each week will recognise my face. Here is a look at Windows 10 biometric authentication – using your face, fingerprint or iris.


Windows 10 – Cortana

Marcus Ash from the Windows Team discusses the history of Cortana (gamers first seen Cortana AI in Microsoft’s Halo) and the incredible presence of Cortana in Windows 10.


How to do a reverse image search


You might be wondering why you would want to do a reverse image search.

You might be wanting to check if anyone is using photos off your website, or who might be using your own mug shot displayed in business websites to impersonate you. You can keep tabs on your own images with reverse searching.

You may have an image you would like a better resolution of or to locate the original creator of the image. You can also use the search to carry out detective work.

Recently I was looking at a very unusually well priced campervan advertised on a forum at a popular Australian camping website. The owner claimed the low price was only due to the family wanting a deposit for a home and needed an urgent sale. It was all very convincing until I downloaded the image and carried out reverse search to discover the original owner had shown it for sale prior at a much greater price. As it turned out the ad was a scam and the ad was gone by the end of day.

You do not need any keywords or any other query to carry out the search, only the image.

There are quite a few image search websites, including google image search, but 2 of my preferred sites are:


How to fix laptop overheating and shutting down



One of the big problems with laptops is their design. Some are designed so you cannot access them easily to view and clean dust, lint, fur and the like from the interior.

Dust accumulates over time and is often impossible to remove without a tear down of the laptop. You can find videos online on how to do this if you enjoy tinkering but beware not to use cans of air you find in tech stores because these are not air but chemicals that create pressure. Some will contain a refrigerant which is released when the can is tilted at certain angles. The gas from these cans is known as highly toxic so if you must use them be sure to wear a good mask in confined spaces.

Can you use a vacuum cleaner? The problem is access, there is no easy doorway you can open to clean dust from everywhere, and if you disassemble the laptop you must be careful not to let the nozzle touch anywhere and be sure to keep your antistatic strap on.

We have safe methods for cleaning laptops with overheating problems caused by dust buildup,  often within a standard one hour session. If you are in Perth’s northern suburbs drop it off to our workshop and pick it up the same day or next morning.


End of life for Windows 7 and your options


For those with laptops who did not get a disk with their system the Windows 7 ISO downloads direct from Microsoft servers are no longer available to the public and free mainstream support for Windows 7 is also no longer available – as of January 13 this year.

End of mainstream support for Windows 7 means you cannot call Microsoft for free help if your system is broken. Because mainstream support has ended means extended support phase had begun, so you will still receive critical system patches and security updates and all security related updates via the usual update service will continue for the time being.

We provide a local service in Perth Western Australia, and a remote service to login and fix your computer anywhere in Australia for standard support fees. Contact us for remote support pricing or to book a support session online. We provide Microsoft Certified technical support and you can pay by credit card or paypal. We can remove malware, carry out a security scan, fix slow computers without the need for an onsite technician.