How to prevent logging in to last user account in windows 10


This question has been around since Windows 10 came out and there’s plenty of normally sane and rational people who want to blame Microsoft for perceived frustration when the old login screen seems to be missing and windows wants to login to the last account that was logged in.

There is a general war cry going, fix this bug Microsoft or I’ll go back to windows 7, or worse, I’ll turn to Linux! There have been registry hacks on various forums to change the value of the last user account but this has been blocked by recent updates. But it’s all been a misunderstanding because Microsoft created this new login protocol as a security feature.

To log into a different user account you must do it from with the exiting open user account. To do this just follow these steps:

  1. from within the current account press windows key + L
  2. the lock screen will be activated and in the lower left you can choose which account to login to

i think its a pretty nifty feature to help prevent other users from logging in to other peoples accounts. We assume the last known user has a password and presses the win+L combination when she goes for a lunch break.